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K68i Protection Relay Test Set

Item No.: 201040
● The Most Cost-effective, Best field testing convenience in whole of the world.
● 3x35A & 4x300V independent high burden and accuracy output channels.
● Lightweight, <20.5Kg.
● Inbuilt 6.4" True color TFT LCD display, keyboard and rotary encoder, fully control without laptop.
● Advance software testing modules for optional.
● 3-Years guarantee of free repair and life-long maintenance.
● Free software upgrade.
protection relay test
kingsine relay test set
kingsine k68i

● 7 Channels (4x300V & 3x35A) outputs, Each output channels are independent and simultaneous control of magnitude, Phase angle and frequency values, able to inject DC, AC sine wave and up to 20x harmonics.

● Variable battery simulator, DC 0-300V, 120Watts max.

● Quick relay testing facility in Manual mode.

● Switch on to fault test(SOTF).

● GPS sync end-to-end testing.

● Online Vector display.

● Automatic test report creation.

● Anti-clipping detect, Wrong wiring connect alarm and self-protect, overload and overheat protection.

Basic Functions

● DC test

● AC test

● Distance relay test

● Harmonic test

● Frequency test

● 8 pairs binary inputs

● 4 pairs binary outputs

Advance Software Functions (Optional for Selections)

● Differential test

● State sequence test

● Time characteristic test

● Advance distance test

● Synchronizer test

● Fault recurrence (fault play back)

Type of Relays Can Be Tested

ItemsANSI® No.
Distance protection relay21
Synchronising or synchronism-check relays25
Undervoltage relays27
Directional Power relays32
Undercurrent or underpower relays37
Negative sequence overcurrent relays46
Overcurrent/ground fault relays50
Inverse time overcurrent/ground fault relays51
Power factor relays55
Overvoltage relays59
Voltage or current balance relays60
Directional overcurrent relays67
Directional ground fault relays67N
DC overcurrent relays76
Phase-angle measuring or out-of-step protection relays78
Automatic reclosing devices79
Frequency relays81
Motor overload protection relays86
Differential protection relays87
Directional voltage relays91
Voltage and power directional relays92
Tripping relays94
Voltage regulating relays
Overimpedance relays, Z>
Underimpedance relays, Z
Time-delay relays

Voltage Outputs
Output Range & Power4×300 V ac (L-N)120 VA max each
3×300 V dc (L-N)120 W max each
Accuracy<0.02%Rd+0.005%Rg Typ.
<0.05%Rd+0.01%Rg Guar.
±10mV @ <5V dc
±0.5% @ ≥5V dc
Voltage RangeRange I: 30V
Range II: 300V
Automatic Range
DC Offset<10mV Typ./ <60mV Guar
Distortion<0.015%Typ. / <0.05% Guar.
Current Outputs
Output Range & Power3×35A ac (L-N)450 VA max each
1×105A ac (3L-N)1200 VA max
3×20A dc (L-N)300W max each
<0.1%rd + 0.05%rg,Guar.
±5mA @ <1A dc
±0.5% @ ≥1A dc
Current RangeRange I: 3A
Range II: 35A
Automatic Range
DC Offset<3mA Typ./ <10mA Guar
Distortion<0.025%Typ. / <0.07% Guar.
Frequency & Phase Angle
Frequency RangeDC, 5~1000Hz
Frequency Accuracy±1ppm @ 5~65Hz
±10ppm @ 65~450Hz
±20ppm @ 450~1000Hz
Frequency Resolution0.001 Hz
Phase Range-360°~360°
Phase Accuracy<0.05° Typ. / <0.1° Guar. 50/60Hz
Phase Resolution0.001°
Aux. DC Voltage Source (Battery simulator)
Range0~300V @ 120W max
Accuracy0.5%Rg Guar.
Binary Input
Typewet/dry, up to 300Vdc max input
Time resolution100us
Sampling Rate10KHz
Debounce time0~25ms (Software Controlled)
Time range999.999s
Time errors±1ms @ ≤1s, ±0.1% @ >1s
Galvanic isolationIsolated as 1,2,3,4-8 pairs
Binary Output (Relay Type)
TypePotential free relay contacts, software controlled
Break Capacity ACVmax: 400Vac / Imax:4A / Pmax:1000VA
Break Capacity DCVmax: 300Vdc / Imax:4A / Pmax:300W
Synchronization Mode External GPS (Optional)
Power Supply & Environment
Nominal Input Voltage110V/220/230V ac, appointed, ±15%
Permissible Input Voltage85~264Vac, 125~350VDC, auto-protective
Nominal Frequency50/60Hz
Permissible Frequency45Hz~65Hz
Power Consumption1500 VA max
Connection TypeStandard AC socket 60320
Operating Temperature-10℃~55℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~70℃
Humidity<95%RH, non-condensing
PC ConnectionRJ45 Ethernet, 10/100M
Grounding Terminal4mm banana socket
Weight20.5 Kg
Dimensions(W x D x H)360×450×140(mm)

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