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CT/PT Analyzer

Item No.: 204002
● Easy to operate CT / PT Analyzer.
● 120V / 15A Current Output.
● 9.7 inch touch screen operation.
● IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, IEC61869-2, ANSI30/45 standard.
● High stability for bushing CT testing.
ct pt tester
ct pt analyzer
pt tester
ct pt testing equipment

● Adopt 9.7 inch touch screen TFT LCD display with clear and beautiful software interface design, user can operate easily.

● AC/DC current input for wide range only, satisfy all power supply standard requested.

● Easy to operate, measure quickly, all test can be done automatically based on the same connection line type except overload impedance measurement.

● Adopt low voltage & variable frequency measurement method, it can test knee point voltage up to 30kV transformer as output max voltage only is 120V and max peak value current is 15A, high security.

● Portable design with light weight of 8kg, suitable for field test of electric power system, manufacturing factory of current transformer or laboratory to use.

● High measurement accuracy, resistance accuracy is 0.1%+1mΩ, phase accuracy±0.05 degree, variable accuracy is ±0.1% (1-5000 ), variable accuracy is ±0.2%(5000-10000).

● It can test current transformer according to IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, IEC61869-2 and ANSI30/45 standard etc.

● Complete measurement function, it can test all type current transformer for secondary overload, secondary loop resistance, excitation characteristic, transient characteristic, ratio difference, angle difference and polarity. It can also test exact limit coefficient(ALF), device security coefficient(FS), secondary time constant(Ts), remanence coefficient(Kr), transient area coefficient(Ktd), inflexion voltage, current, level, saturation inductance, un-saturation inductance, 5% 10% error curve, of current transformer, hysteresis loop for current transformer, and evaluate test result according to defined standard.

● PT Test As for those inductive PT based on the definition of GB1207-2006(IEC60044-2), KT210 CT/PT Analyzer can also test them. KT210 CT/PT Analyzer can do variable ratio, polarity and secondary winding excitation test of inductive PT.

Auto Demagnetizes

● Software-based tool to determine the residual magnetism in current transformers.

● Analysis of the remanence condition before putting into operation the CT to assure proper function.

● Simplifies power grid failure analysis after unwanted operation of protective relays.

● Demagnetizes the CT core after measurement.

PC Control Available

● Full access to all functions of the KT210 via a PC using the RJ45 interface.

● Optimizes the integration into automated testing procedures in production lines.

● Data export into Word.

● Customizable testing and reports.

Data Handling and Reporting

● Test reports can be saved on the local host and transferred to a PC.

● Data and protocols can be shown on a PC via the Word file loader program.

"Guessing" Nameplates (Reference for unknown CT)

● Determination of unknown CT data.

● Older CTs can be classified and put into service without contacting the manufacturer.

● Determinable parameters include:

  1. CT type

  2. Class

  3. Ratio

  4. Knee point

  5. Power Factor

  6. Nominal and operating burden

  7. Secondary winding resistance

Technical Features

● Excellent noise immunity to disturbances from energized power lines close to the measurement.

● CT ratio and phase measurement with consideration of nominal and connected secondary burden; CT ratio up to 10000:1.

● Knee-point voltage from 1 V up to 30 kV can be Measured.

● Currents from 1% up to 400 % of the rated value.

● Different burdens (full, ½, ¼, ⅛ burden).

● Determination of ALF/ALFi and FS/FSi, Ts, and composite error for nominal and connected burden.

● CT winding resistance measurement.

● CT excitation curve (unsaturated and saturated).

● Saturation characteristic recording.

● Direct comparison of excitation curve to a reference curve.

● CT phase and polarity check.

● Secondary burden measurement.

● Automatic demagnetization of the CT after the test.

● Small and lightweight (< 8 kg).

● Short testing time due to fully automatic testing.

● High level of safety using patented variable frequency method (max. 120 V).

● "Nameplate guesser" function for CTs with unknown data.

● PC control interface.

● QuickTest: Manual testing interface.

● Color display readable in bright sunlight.

● Simulation of measured data with different burdens and currents.

● Easily adaptable reports (customizable).

● Knee-point voltage from 1 V up to 30 kV can be Measured.

● Automatic assessment according to IEC 60044-1, IEC 60044-6, IEC61869-2, ANSI30/45.

● Automatic assessment for accuracy class > 0.1.

● Measurement of transient behavior of TPS, TPX, TPY and TPZ type CTs.

● PT ratio, polarity and excitation curve according to IEC60044-2.

Technical Data of KT210 CT/PT Analyzer
Ratio Accuracy
Ratio 1 - 50000.03 % (typical) / 0.1 % (guaranteed)
Ratio 5000 - 100000.05 % (typical) / 0.2 % (guaranteed)

Phase Displacement
Resolution0.01 min
Accuracy1 min (typical) / 3 min (guaranteed)

Winding Resistance
Range0.1 - 100 Ω
Resolution1 mΩ
Accuracy0.05 % + 1 mΩ (typical) (guaranteed)
0.1 % + 1 mΩ  (guaranteed)

Load Measurement

Voltage Measurement Input
Secondary Input Range0~300V
Max Knee point30KV
Secondary Input Accuracy±0.1%
Primary Input Range0~30V
Primary Input Accuracy±0.1%

Output Voltage0 Vac to 120 Vac
Output Current0 A to 5 A (15 A peak)
Output Power0 VA to 450 VA (1500 VA peak)

Main Power Supply
Input Voltage176 Vac to 264 Vac @ 10A Max
Permissible Input Voltage120 Vdc to 370 Vdc @ 5A Max
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Permissible Frequency47 Hz to 63 Hz
ConnectionStandard AC socket 60320

Physical Dimensions
Size (W x H x D)360 x 140 x 325mm
Weight<8 kg (without accessories)

Environment Conditions
Operating Temperature-10°C up to + 55°C
Storage Temperature-25°C up to + 70°C
HumidityRelative humidity 5% up to 95% not condensing

KT210 CT/PT Analyzer Current Transformer Parameters Test

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